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out of a factory in 1986 -- finally broke beyond repair, they turned it into a case. When the dog tore one of her sneakers, Saizi did some▓ modifications and added a lace border to make an original, one-of-a-kind pair of loafers.No ▓food is wasted. Residue usually consists of fruit pits, nut shells, leaves and fruit tha▓t has fallen from the tr

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jokes about hi▓s wife being too cheap whe

ees. All can be turned into fuel for fire, enzyme cleansers, fertilizers and ▓naturally fermented wines.They pick up dog▓ poop with scoops made with tin cans, and use the excrement, firewood ashes and kitchen residue compost in their home garden, where nature's magic ▓creates an endless cycle."There is no such thing as was▓te, only resource

n asked why

they de▓cided to live a "no waste" life."My parents li

s we haven't found out how to use yet," S▓aizi said. She is an adored lecturer at seminars nationwide, where she shares her family legacy of zero waste.21-DAY TRANSF

ved through a long period of material scarcity, and t

ORMATIONTang Beijia, or as man▓y affectionately call her, "Old Tang," believes that livin▓g green is not a sacrifice. In fact, it ▓is a way to pursue happiness and a l

hey learned to treasure everything and hate▓ waste," Sa

ess stressful way of life.Tang started her "GoZeroWaste" ▓lab in late 2016, when she began to cut plast▓ic use and reduce trash in an effort to contribute to the ba

izi explained.For example, her mother would cut open t

ttle against plastic pollution."I wouldn't call ▓it a challenge to switch lifestyles. It only▓ takes some time to adjust," she said. She created a 21-day process to e

he toothpast

becomes a

tle flower p

und at a second-hand exchange bazaar. For breakfast, a few slices of homemade sourdough bread and a

ot to deco

simple and fresh organic green salad. Then to clean the dishes ▓and mug with or

rate the h

ganic detergent she made with soap nuts.She coordina

tes GoZeroWaste teams in major citi▓es like Beijing, Hangzhou and Guangzhou, hosts offlin

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